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The Queens North Field Support Center Department of Teaching and Learning is able to provide on-site support for a select number of schools. 

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Monday Professional Development: Using the Support of the Field Support Center to Build Capacity in Schools

Anticipated Outcomes:

Teaching and Learning will continue to offer On-Site school support to assist schools in building the capacity of teacher teams, lead teachers, and promoting school wide initiatives. Schools can apply to receive support via the form on the right. Schools that have requested support and completed a description of their needs will be matched to an Instructional Lead to support Professional Learning. Using the Handbook for Professional Learning, the Instructional Lead will work with administrators, teacher teams and Lead Teachers. Schools will be contacted by an Instructional Lead when they have been matched to discuss the focus and dates. Due to limited capacity, priority will be given to schools who have not previously been matched.


Your school site

Time and Dates:

The dates and times of the support will be arranged in consultation with your Instructional Lead.

Core Connections:

Quality Review: 3.4, 4.1

Danielson: 4E

Framework: Rigorous Instruction, Collaborative Teachers

On Site Support is full at this time. Please reach out to for any questions. 

Target Audience:

Lead teachers and teacher teams

Please e-mail the Director for Teaching and Learning, with any questions.