STARS Programming

STARS Admin Complete Session: (86 minutes): Great review for middle school programmers of all features of STARS Admin, recorded Microsoft Teams session from 8/25/2021

STARS Classroom Complete Session: (86 minutes). Comprehensive review for elementary schools of features of STARS Classroom including new Grade Entry feature for elementary schools and Copy Subject Properties feature, from Microsoft Teams session recorded on 8/24/2021

2021-2022 Programming Guide - complete DOE document with steps for programming for ES, MS and HS

Videos: Quick snippets that you can use for reference

STARS Classroom Introductory Video (2.5 minutes)

STARS Classroom: Turning on Basic Subjects for Elementary School (5 minutes)

Using the STARS-SESIS Program Services Report (8 minutes)

Summary of some of the most frequent issues we see in the STARS-SESIS program services report and how to use the attached template to filter, find, and solve these issues.

STARS Classroom: Individual Student Programming. (3 minutes)

This is generally only used for students who are mainstreamed as per their IEP into a different classroom for the entirety of a subject. An Individual Student Record entirely replaces the connection between the student and their 'official ATS class homeroom teachers' for that subject.

Programming Computer Science for STARS Admin MS/ES (1 minute) and for STARS Classroom ES (1 minute)

Creating SETSS Records: same process, ES and MS/HS (3 minutes)

SETSS records should almost always be PIPO (Push In, Pull Out records) in STARS Classroom. The record should be with the subject that is indicated on the IEP (usually ELA or Math) and Push In if the IEP states "General Ed location" or Pull Out if the IEP states "Separate Location."