Our Vision


In Queens North, we partner with ALL families, students, and communities to build and sustain an equitable and supportive environment that ensures high quality instruction that prepares students for college, careers, and beyond.


Queens North educators provide high quality instruction to all students, with attention to historically underserved populations. Through the Instructional Leadership and Supportive Environment Frameworks, Queens North schools provide accelerated learning in a nurturing and culturally responsive environment that develops students to become thriving and reflective 21st Century global citizens.

Theory of Action

If we, through a shared vision that values high-quality instruction and equitable and supportive environments with attention to historically underserved populations and partnerships with all families, students and communities, commit to building the capacity of all Queens North educators whereby districts and/or schools ensure:

  • the specific needs of schools in our community and the specific needs of students, including academic, social-emotional, physical and behavioral, are supported;

  • engagement in cycles of learning that promote best practices in creating and sustaining a learning environment to accelerate learning through culturally responsive sustaining practices are implemented;

  • instructional leaders participate in professional learning cycles aligned to the citywide/borough wide and district vision and mission statements;

  • the amplification of inclusive and shared curricula is rooted in research-based practices;

  • systems and structures to routinely evaluate the impact of our practices on school growth, teacher practice and student outcomes are developed;

  • families are empowered to partner with schools and be active participants in student learning

Then, all Queens North students will graduate fully prepared to for success in college, careers and beyond.