Remote Learning Assistance

Join this Microsoft Team to post your questions about Google Classroom. You will receive answers from DIIT staff and members of the NYCDOE teaching community.

Search through frequently asked questions.

Travel to this website for Google Classroom tutorials, tips, tricks, help center, and resources.

From this spreadsheet, access DIIT trainings for learning how to use remote learning tools and to ask questions in real-time. NYCDOE staff must log-in with a account.

Submit a request for technical support from DIIT, including the following technical issues:

  • Google/G-Suite Classroom;
  • Microsoft Teams;
  • Office 365;
  • Application installation/Activation issues;
  • Profile-related issues; and
  • Connectivity and device issues.

After submitting the technical support ticket, the DOE staff member will be provided a ticket number for the issue; DIIT will review the request, and a technician will respond to the inquiry. The form is for DOE staff only, but staff can enter a ticket on behalf of families.

Amplify launched a set of free resources that cater to students, parents, and teachers unfamiliar with the program. These are self-guided lesson videos for Grade K-5 and 6-8 where students can watch and complete a lesson with little (yet encouraged) guidance. As Amplify makes more videos, they will keep updating the website.