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Mabel Muñiz-Sarduy, Executive Superintendent

Shirley Wheeler-Massey, Executive Director


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Asynchronous PL Modules

The Queens North BCO has a collection of asynchronous Professional Learning Modules to support city and state learning initiatives. Asynchronous modules are not eligible for CTLE credit.

A Message from Meisha Porter

Chancellor, New York City Public Schools

Welcome Back 2021-2022 School Year

There are a few things I’d like you to share with your family, listed below:

  1. A family welcome letter is available on the Messages for Families page

  2. Family Update on health & safety is also available on the Messages for Families page. We will continue to update the 2021-22 School Year information on our Safe and Healthy Learning for All web-page as well, and

  3. The consent form for in-school testing. Families can also submit using NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) at schoolsaccount.nyc – we want to make it as easy as possible to complete this important step.

Watch: Homecoming NYC Safe and Healthy Learning for All

Teacher Spotlight Yearbook

Teacher Spotlight Image

Meredith Formica

Social Studies Educator at Irwin Altman MS 172.

Meredith Formica is a Social Studies Educator at Irwin Altman MS 172.

Meredith Formica is a product of New York City schools having grown up in south Queens. As a student she found inspiration and motivation from her own teachers, particularly her high school social studies teachers. They empowered her voice and pushed her to think critically, providing her confidence. In her 13 years teaching in New York City she has strived to do the same for her own students. She strives to blaze a passion for learning by ensuring a sense of community enabling her students to take risks and embarrass their curiosity, this is evidenced by the sharing of ideas and opinions in her classroom through open and honest discussion and communication. Students in Meredith’s classes have opportunities to build their self-worth. They are aware of how to both foster their own growth mindset and grow positive relationships with their peers.

Throughout Meredith’s tenure in the New York City Department of Education she has grown her pedagogic and leadership skills as a mentor and Lead Teacher.

In addition to her work in the classroom, Meredith is completing her Administrative Internship and has been collaborating with Queens North Teaching and Learning developing and co-facilitating professional learning cycles focused on Civics, Teaching History While It’s Happening, English Language Learner support practices, and the U.S. History and Global Regents Exams.

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