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New Asynchronous PL Modules

The Queens North BCO has begun to produce unique asynchronous Professional Learning Modules to support city and state learning initiatives. Visit the Asynchronous PL Modules page to register and receive a link to a syllabus with videos, resources, and more. Currently these modules are not eligible for CTLE credit.

NYCDOE Virtual Apple Professional Learning (APL)

Explore helpful resources, practice new skills, and reflect on ways Apple technology can support great learning and teaching. Hosted by Apple Professional Learning Specialists, these hands-on sessions run for approximately 60 minutes and are offered multiple times daily, Monday through Friday.

View Sessions and Register at http://apple.co/NYCAPL

Free /CTLE credit when registering using link above.

*iPad is used for all sessions unless indicated otherwise.

"Moving Along", Emily Nye, Grade 8 J.H.S. 074 "Love From Queens", Raima Chowdhury, Grade 8 I.S. 227"New Yorkie City", Avery Tolipani, Grade 2  P.S. 049"Sundarata", Ishwari Bishundat, Grade 10 Frank Sinatra School of the Arts"It's Okay to Wear Ponytails", Rachelle Samame, Kindergarten P.S. 089"Sunlit Queens Bus Stop", Philip Dancel, Grade 7 MS 172"The View From the Window of My School", Kaylee Ramirez, Grade 5  PS 330"Mi Cultura", Cindy Cuanetl, Grade 12 HS for Arts and Business"My Corona", Jack Quispitupa Grade 1 P.S. 28"In the Cleft of the Rocks", Stephanie Garcia, Grade 4 P.S. 007"Be Kind", Angelina Leiria, Grade 4 P.S. 084"Rainbow", Abigail Gentles, Grade Pre-K P.S. 165"Party Time", Serina Lin, Grade 5  P.S. 020"The Mystery Eye", Jasmine Vargas, Grade 8 CASA MS"Feast" Deyvid Gonzalez, Grade 9 Pan American International HS"Mola de Gatos" Grade 12  John Bowne HS"Dove of Peace" Chloe Lee, Grade 2  P.S. 58"Korean Winter" Joclyn Jun, Grade 7 BELL Academy"Rainforest Entrance" Kexin Su, Grade 5 P.S. 173

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